Chapter 3 — This Isn’t Awkward

At the Khuzwayo household, the two families meet. With each ready to protect their own.

Nokukhanya proves that she is no push over and stands her ground while Nomthandazo remains true to her nature and stays the peace maker she is.

Angelo and Namisa get another chance to talk, forcing them to come face to face with harsh truths.

Can they agree on how they will raise their daughter?

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The Unwanted Guest

for as long as i have lived, happiness has been a rarity. i cannot recall exactly when i allowed depression into my home.   when depression arrived, it left the door open. soon after, i had many unwanted guests. self harm: she made herself comfortable. she was the companion on whom i relied.   at…

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The Feminist In Me

The feminist in me, can’t relate to the woman in you. But I think it’s due to my lack of understanding, I thought your road towards empowerment was for upliftment Not knowing that the price you’d pay would be my opinion. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, I disagreed with you and you saw me as…

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