BLVCK Voices – Book Launch

The fourth addition to the BLVCK series, titled BLVCK Voices, A collaboration with 14 African writers, who demand for their voices to be heard in the mist of all the silence. So kindly lend an ear and Listen to the Voices. BLVCK Voices PDF BLVCK Voices eBOOK #JadedWords #BLVCKvoices

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BLVCK Severance

Sharp words. Painful thoughts. Salted wounds still bleed.

Misplaced letters. Curious eyes. Screenshots taken for eternity.

Passion builds. Buildings fall. Foreigners camping in fields.

Hate speech. Silent hearts. The error with society.

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Brother (iCantBreathe)

I have sat stagnant on the matter Hoping my silence would speak volumes Preventing nouns and verbs from taking form In the hopes that mankind would correct themselves That we would do what we do and a hashtag would be the usual fix Weeks in and we got the tag line, #NoToXenophobia A bit long,…

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