I wish to always remember us this way, a boy who loves a girl who treasures that man. Since I met you, I’ve been caught in a lot of Ifs, Ands, and Maybes. If this is a dream, then this is a world I never wish to wake from and if you are temporary, can…

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Tumaini: Unfiltered Emotion (Book Announcement)

Title: Tumaini – Unfiltered Emotion Author: Jade Novelist Release Date: October 23, 2020 Synopsis: Tumaini is a poetry anthology written by Jade Novelist, that serves as a partial memoir, a dedication to his late son. In this anthology, Jade eloquently uses poetry to retell the story of his relationship with the mother of his son,…

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Someone Who Loves Me

My experience of romance can easily be called self-torment.

I knew I deserved better but still I stayed, never wondering what would happen the day better finally came along.

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