The Feminist In Me

The feminist in me, can’t relate to the woman in you. But I think it’s due to my lack of understanding, I thought your road towards empowerment was for upliftment Not knowing that the price you’d pay would be my opinion. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, I disagreed with you and you saw me as…

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BLVCK Voices – Book Launch

The fourth addition to the BLVCK series, titled BLVCK Voices, A collaboration with 14 African writers, who demand for their voices to be heard in the mist of all the silence. So kindly lend an ear and Listen to the Voices. BLVCK Voices PDF BLVCK Voices eBOOK #JadedWords #BLVCKvoices

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Mosali wa Sebele

An underrated individual,
more than a care giver,
going beyond birthing and nurturing
She is in charge of her own mindset,
her body and choices

And she is you…

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