Chapter 7 — The Trouble With Faith

Angelo visits his son’s grave for the first time in 3 years.

A visit that exposes old wounds and pushes him to speak to his Father.

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Chapter 6 — What Should Have Been

A surprise knock on the door, leads to a challenging babysitting session for Loni and Angelo.

With little experience between the two, the struggle to get Oratilwe to stop crying puts pressure on the couple.

A few YouTube videos, a dance party and bedtime story later, Angelo realises his daughter needs more than just the presence of a father but a man who is whole and so he decides to visit a part of his past he has been running away from.

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Seeking Revelations

I believe I’m more spiritual than religious. I have faith but I’m not caught in the old ways. I don’t expect my wife to worship my existence and I get closer to getting a tattoo every day. Some people say God is a fiction of the lonely, the lost. That God was created to explain…

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