We love in sarcasm

We take turns playing the fool,

you hurt me then I hurt you


We love in irony

You call it love

But your actions say other things


We love in euphemisms

Down playing the pain we exchange

and exaggerating how much we want to make this work


We love in 21st Century speak

We know divorce and every escape,

struggling to state reasons to stay.


Jade Novelist ©️ 2019

I envy the way you love
those you let in

from this side of your walls,
all I can do is admire
and await my turn.


Jade Novelist 2019

I miss you in many ways

most of them too complicated to explain

and even harder to express

but I miss you,

in so many ways

I just don’t say it

because I hope it will make you miss me too.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2019