Chapter 9 — Things Money Can’t Buy

We get an in depth look at the family dynamics in the Muujiza household.

Mapenzi explores her relationship with Mfariji, although hostile in the beginning, she eventually gave her a chance and accepted that there are things she can’t change and that acceptance was the best option for her family.

From dance lessons to lessons on etiquette, we get a bit of background on Mapenzi’s upbringing and how it has affected the daughters of the royal family.

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Chapter 8 — A Mother’s Secret

Mapenzi, shares her views on being a mother and explains how she has lived her life trying to be the opposite of her mother.

She recalls the day before her father’s funeral Mapenzi, how she went through one her mother’s diary’s and comes to the realisation that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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Chapter 7 — Me Before You

In this chapter our protagonist experiences finds herself in a moment of déjà-vu after her daughter gets involved in an accident.

Recalling the night her father was shot, the first time she was intimate with her husband. It wasn’t out of love or lust but a need for a distraction.

As the story progresses, quickly she realises that her secret might not be secret forever.

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