For The Love of Self by Shirvonne

“I will suffer if I have to
if it means that your kind of
love would bring death
to the love I have within me.”

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The Untold: Love With Jade

An anthology written by Jade Novelist to celebrate the day of Love.

It consists of poems from his past collections “Love In 14 Days” & “ Dear Future Wife” and also new written works by him. Furthermore, as we all know Jade Novelist always chooses to go an extra mile with his anthologies and this one attests to that, as it gives us a glimpse of his own views on Love, heartbreak and his own lessons.

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Love In Grey

is it not strange you can love them and struggle to love yourself? Them, them who are yet to know the sound of your tears on a pillow? Them, them who know not the feel of your heart when it smiles? Them, them who make promises you doubt they can keep but still you deliver…

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