The Untold: Love with Jade


An anthology written by Jade Novelist to celebrate the day of Love.


It consists of poems from his past collections “Love In 14 Days” & “ Dear Future Wife” and also new written works by him. Furthermore, as we all know Jade Novelist always chooses to go an extra mile with his anthologies and this one attests to that, as it gives us a glimpse of his own views on Love, heartbreak and his own lessons.


This time not only in a poetical sense but in a simple Question & Answer format.


I guess we can say we are getting to know Jade…


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is it not strange you can love them
and struggle to love yourself?

them who are yet to know the sound of your tears on a pillow?


them who know not the feel of your heart when it smiles?


them who make promises you doubt they can keep but still you deliver them your soul.

I find it strange you know of love

only when you offer it others.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2019

Follow your dreams

Love whole heartedly

Forgive enough to not hurt anymore

But live your truth

And speak your words


Travel to places where you can find peace,

Both in your mind and physically


Sing songs you love

Write poems you mean

Dance to your own tune

Succeed where you put your hopes


Protect the ones you care for

Appreciate the little things

Celebrate the littler things


Only go where you are wanted

But leave time to find yourself when you get lost

And love yourself like someone who needs love to survive but knows they can only get so much from someone else


Learn to pray again.


Jade Novelist ©️ 2018