Love In Grey

is it not strange you can love them and struggle to love yourself? Them, them who are yet to know the sound of your tears on a pillow? Them, them who know not the feel of your heart when it smiles? Them, them who make promises you doubt they can keep but still you deliver…

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Chapter 8 — Sibling Rivalry

Woman to woman, Namisa and Lonwabo have their first conversation without Angelo present.

Despite their desire to have a private conversation, Angelo isn’t too far away. More of their shared history is disclosed and the ties between Namisa and Angelo are further exposed.

Namisa confesses her feelings for Angelo and acknowledges the bond between Lonwabo and Oratilwe, but can a woman really accept her child seeing another woman as their mother?

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You are an heir to a throne, housing two bloodlines and countless aspirations.   For your future I wish you your own sins to learn from.   I wish that you know a broken heart but your journey ends with the joy of love.   I wish you a finer upbringing and the strength to…

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