My every thought is you

because you steal my pain away.

Your actions make me feel beautiful

and I find myself wanting more of you.


You love with no excuses,

reciprocating and making my affection feel well placed.


I want to be more for you than just someone you love,

I wish to be your choice

at every chance,

on every day,

in every way.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018

You say the right things to disarm me

I see us in my dreams

and you occupy the space of prayers that belong to me,

I wish more for your happiness than my own.

For there are places in my heart where only you claim ownership,

where only you are worthy to have me,

places where there is only you and nothing else exists.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018

I wish we could forget the past

So we could love with less hurt

and more intention

You know sorrow, I know pain

So we know a bit of what not to do

but we also know what it means to be afraid

He made you feel invisible and she made me fear opening up

So we don’t know how to communicate without being too loud

I wish we could forget the past,

so it could just be us

without baggage from lost loves

but would we still relate if we weren’t both so messed up?

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018