Sometimes I Pray

Sometimes I pray I pray for personal things, like the courage to face tomorrow I pray for little things, like can God not be the only one who loves me Then other times I pray for big things, like the courage to handle my sorrows. I pray for people mostly I pray for the forgotten…

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Lost In Religion

Good things come to those who wait,
so let me perch my feet in my resolve and firmly say,
we are going to be okay.

I was told that faith moves mountains,
so we’ve stubbed our toes on a hill and hold on to pain felt in other parts
but not corroding our hearts.

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You Loved Me Like I Was God by Naledi Create

You Loved Me Like I Had Created Life Itself
And If You Stopped Loving Me Life Itself Would End.

You Bowed Before Me In Intimacy Like The Angels Bow In The Throne Room.

With Pleasure Flowing Effortlessly From My Heart… God’s Heart.

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