Tu Me Manques (Part II)

“You’re missing from me,
so I feel your absence.

I feel it
in the space between my finger tips where your hand normally goes,
where you fit just right and I feel less lonely.

I feel it
in the emptiness I’ve become accustomed to,
because none utters my name with the same passion
my existence seems less meaningful.”

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I anticipate your hands, I picture your finger tips as they kiss my skin, whispering your desire with each grab and hold.   I anticipate your lips, I hear poetry in the passion of your moans, sounds accompanied by the rushing of our heart beats.   I anticipate you, Using me to satisfy desires, fulfill…

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You say the right things to disarm me I see us in my dreams and you occupy the space of prayers that belong to me, I wish more for your happiness than my own. For there are places in my heart where only you claim ownership, where only you are worthy to have me, places…

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