You say the right things to disarm me

I see us in my dreams

and you occupy the space of prayers that belong to me,

I wish more for your happiness than my own.

For there are places in my heart where only you claim ownership,

where only you are worthy to have me,

places where there is only you and nothing else exists.

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018

I would kill for a lover whose idea of romance included caring about my mental health.

Instead of flowers and apologies,

neglect and promises of future memories,

they would be conscience of how their actions would affect me.

Someone who cared to handle my mind in a good way,

not just knowing how to trick my clothes off

but someone who felt my sanity was my best quality and they wished to preserve that.

I would kill for a lover like that, where is my one worth killing for?

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018

i am no stranger to loss,

i have had many a best friend turned lover,

confusing kind words for affection

mixing secrets with lost hands,

hands that touched more than my heart

in more than just gentle ways

i am no stranger to loss,

maybe that’s why with you I’m less cautious

and mixed signals might be necessary

so we both have an excuse as to why we could never blossom into love

you belong in the friendzone

and I should not be motivated by fear of being alone

yet here are we

calling what we do meant to be

when will I learn to look for love in the right place?

Jade Novelist ©️ 2018