Floating Clouds by Poetyk Prynx

Love is so many things and more, a home, fortress, a tent, sometimes a treehouse calming laughter, comforting silence hugs, tears, spaces in between our fingers, a cup of water and remembering when to stop at one when you count from four, one for each letter of love. Love is intentional, consistent; a shape shifter…

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Why by Mable Amuron

I could write about how your smile is a million watts,
lighting up any room it’s found in.
And how your tears hold a world of hurt that you didn’t let break you.

I could write about how every breath you take is a miracle
And about the way you love,
so completely.

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“We are no longer who we used to be,
we no longer feel the same,
I’m struggling to get you from ‘afraid to trust’
and back to ‘this could be the one’.
because somewhere between good intentions
and bad decisions I made you not feel enough.”

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