Sometimes I crave your head between my thighs,
not in ways that people would think of.

In a way where your head
would rest on my pot belly and I would feel your breaths give life to the garden in my soul
and with each breath you take I fall deeper in love with you.

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I Want You To Hate Me

I want you to hate me I want every part of you to want nothing to do with me, for the right reasons. I want you to hate me, hate me because I did something that offends you, I want you to hate me because I hurt you, not because of anatomy, geography or my…

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Starlight by Poetic Vixen

You rare and beautiful jewel, the world doesn’t deserve you. You arrived as starlight, the promise of God but some don’t know how to admire from a distance, they try and consume you. Try to hold your essence but you are fragile to rough hands and as bright as the sun, you burn through the…

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