Chapter 7 — The Trouble With Faith

Angelo visits his son’s grave for the first time in 3 years.

A visit that exposes old wounds and pushes him to speak to his Father.

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Chapter 5 — Memorable Amnesia

Loni lets Angelo in and shares the story behind her history with child loss.

In shock, Angelo is left speechless and wondering how Loni is able to carry so much pain and still be okay.

He is caught off guard by her truths and questions and as things begin to settle, a knock on door brings more unrest.

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The Feminist In Me

The feminist in me, can’t relate to the woman in you. But I think it’s due to my lack of understanding, I thought your road towards empowerment was for upliftment Not knowing that the price you’d pay would be my opinion. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, I disagreed with you and you saw me as…

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