“We are no longer who we used to be,
we no longer feel the same,
I’m struggling to get you from ‘afraid to trust’
and back to ‘this could be the one’.
because somewhere between good intentions
and bad decisions I made you not feel enough.”

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You Loved Me Like I Was God by Naledi Create

You Loved Me Like I Had Created Life Itself
And If You Stopped Loving Me Life Itself Would End.

You Bowed Before Me In Intimacy Like The Angels Bow In The Throne Room.

With Pleasure Flowing Effortlessly From My Heart… God’s Heart.

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… That’s Not Love by Pogiso P Mokwena

And if you’re constantly gasping for air to breathe that was blocked by hands
On your neck every time he leaves, that’s not love
If your lips don’t curve the way they used and the tears rolling from your eyes
Are not from joy and laughter, that’s not love

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