I think that’s what scares me most about you,
you make me feel seen;

You make me feel like the sun,
like you need me to be more than just ambiance,
like having me around means something more than simply finding ways to keep warm.

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Going Nowhere Slowly

Time gets away from us every other day, so can we do a bit of catch-up; address the fights we walked away from without conclusion,
admit the things we’re ashamed to say we still struggle to forgive and confess the hurtful things we said but prayed we could take back?

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Time-Bound Pt II

We love at different paces. Not in the who fell for who first kind of way, but rather  you came knowing how long it takes you to heal when you walk away; while I don’t know if my heart can take another heartbreak  and how long it will be before it forgives me for going…

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