Remember Me

Dearly departed,

Here lay the remains of someone who long wished to know what it feels like to hold joy genuinely.

He leaves not any treasures or assets but rather a note, with the simple message, “How will they remember me?”.

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The flames started small, at first, small enough to ignore. It started in the forest where the butterflies lived. I thought it was normal, with time things change and butterflies find a new home. I wish I knew then that butterflies run away when heat overwhelms them, when threatened with fire. Quickly the flames spread,…

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Sandcastles built in a dream, surrounded by silver streams; pain can be unbearable.  Sometimes we use metaphors to explain simple things that mask complicated emotions, so to me, we are sandcastles. Sandcastles with the sun to brighten days and the moon to light up nights. Sandcastles have no legs, so I grew secure you would…

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