I want you. I want you in the way oceans chase land, constantly outstretched and demanding to be held. I want you in the way sinners who fear hell seek salvation, may your flesh be the bread I consume, your rain be the purifying waters that cleanse my soul and may I bury myself in…

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Tumaini: Unfiltered Emotion (Book Announcement)

Title: Tumaini – Unfiltered Emotion Author: Jade Novelist Release Date: October 23, 2020 Synopsis: Tumaini is a poetry anthology written by Jade Novelist, that serves as a partial memoir, a dedication to his late son. In this anthology, Jade eloquently uses poetry to retell the story of his relationship with the mother of his son,…

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Remember Me

Dearly departed,

Here lay the remains of someone who long wished to know what it feels like to hold joy genuinely.

He leaves not any treasures or assets but rather a note, with the simple message, “How will they remember me?”.

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