Ma Raison De Vivre

When God said let there be light, It was a prophesy of our union because you chase the darkness away. I breathe your love, so my words smell of you. Let your hand hold mine, your sweet lips meet mine Let our hearts collide because smashing into you comes naturally to me You embody my…

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i am no stranger to loss, i have had many a best friend turned lover, confusing kind words for affection mixing secrets with lost hands, hands that touched more than my heart in more than just gentle ways i am no stranger to loss, maybe that’s why with you I’m less cautious and mixed signals…

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Chapter 3 — This Isn’t Awkward

At the Khuzwayo household, the two families meet. With each ready to protect their own.

Nokukhanya proves that she is no push over and stands her ground while Nomthandazo remains true to her nature and stays the peace maker she is.

Angelo and Namisa get another chance to talk, forcing them to come face to face with harsh truths.

Can they agree on how they will raise their daughter?

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