I remember it all, who we used to be before you broke my heart.   I reminisce of the me who breathed the same air as those who believed in love.   I recall the words you used to make promises you couldn’t keep, and times I questioned myself to sleep.   I cast my…

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Chapter 6 — What Should Have Been

A surprise knock on the door, leads to a challenging babysitting session for Loni and Angelo.

With little experience between the two, the struggle to get Oratilwe to stop crying puts pressure on the couple.

A few YouTube videos, a dance party and bedtime story later, Angelo realises his daughter needs more than just the presence of a father but a man who is whole and so he decides to visit a part of his past he has been running away from.

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Let Us Pray

In the beginning there was black, And black had no messiah. We had our customs and traditions We prayed to our forefathers because they had better insight to what awaited us on the other side. But then one day it came… Two thousand years of misinterpreted and incomplete transcripts Carefully picked apart at pulpits To…

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