The Untold: Love with Jade


An anthology written by Jade Novelist to celebrate the day of Love.


It consists of poems from his past collections “Love In 14 Days” & “ Dear Future Wife” and also new written works by him. Furthermore, as we all know Jade Novelist always chooses to go an extra mile with his anthologies and this one attests to that, as it gives us a glimpse of his own views on Love, heartbreak and his own lessons.


This time not only in a poetical sense but in a simple Question & Answer format.


I guess we can say we are getting to know Jade…


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When it hurts,

tell me to stay.


When leaving becomes easy

and it’s too soon be something you need,

at least make me feel wanted.


When it hurts,

will you stay?


When walking away becomes an option

and bedroom escapades no longer make me necessary,

can you long for my mind in ways that make love still feasible.


When it hurts,

and the pain speaks to you.


When it hurts,

and you run out of ways to fight for us.

If I become too much and you see our love as a burden,

while you guard your heart and protect your sanity

will you let me carry the weight?


Jade Novelist ©️ 2019

I hope God exists,

so I have someone to thank for your creation and design.

so earth is but the first destination on our journey together.

so we are more than specks in history but part of some grand blueprint



I hope God exists,

So when we sin and ask for forgiveness our confessions don’t fall on deaf ears

so there is purpose in my prayers, that my “May we see forever together” and “Keep her safe for me” have meaning.



I hope God exists,

because you make me believe.


Jade Novelist ©️ 2018