Why I Say It

I know it’s excessive; repetitive, and there’s not many ways to change it. But I know that the best I can do is to say it in as many languages as you can understand and I’ll repeat my love continuously until your soul remembers it. *** I say it for the times you’ll be awake…

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Your love breathes life into my veins
and my skin glows of the joy you bring,
because you love me whole,
with no
if, ands or conjunctions.

You love me unfinished and raw;
you want me unfiltered with no made up smiles.

You love me naked
and bear with my truths.

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Can you be more than temporary? Can you walk around my insecurities,climb my walls and wait for me? *** I know broken hearts take time to heal. I have been made to feel pain,so I can understand being afraid. *** Can yoube different from the restand give me a semblance of real love? I want…

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