My Love Story – Andre Lefu

“My stubbornness wouldn’t allow me to give up,
So I decided to track where love lives,
But its always a struggle looking for someone you don’t really know,
Someone you’ve never met before,
Someone you aren’t even sure if they are real or not.”

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Tu Me Manques (Part II)

“You’re missing from me,
so I feel your absence.

I feel it
in the space between my finger tips where your hand normally goes,
where you fit just right and I feel less lonely.

I feel it
in the emptiness I’ve become accustomed to,
because none utters my name with the same passion
my existence seems less meaningful.”

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Let’s Talk (Part II)

We love in sarcasm We take turns playing the fool, you hurt me then I hurt you   We love in irony You call it love But your actions say other things   We love in euphemisms Down playing the pain we exchange and exaggerating how much we want to make this work   We…

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