Starlight by Poetic Vixen

You rare and beautiful jewel, the world doesn’t deserve you. You arrived as starlight, the promise of God but some don’t know how to admire from a distance, they try and consume you. Try to hold your essence but you are fragile to rough hands and as bright as the sun, you burn through the…

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Dear You by Serendipity

“I miss you and all that you offered
I am finally letting myself feel this way

I miss you and the thought of us
I miss your soft touch and tender loving hands
Your smooth lips and deep voice that uttered words of affirmation that got me through my bad days”

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Floating Clouds by Poetyk Prynx

Love is so many things and more, a home, fortress, a tent, sometimes a treehouse calming laughter, comforting silence hugs, tears, spaces in between our fingers, a cup of water and remembering when to stop at one when you count from four, one for each letter of love. Love is intentional, consistent; a shape shifter…

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