When I think of you,
I often pinch myself.

It’s how I remind me
that you’re not a fugitive of my imagination.

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With Love, Forever (Collection) – Launch

With Love, Forever is a 3 Part collection written by Jade Novelist & LxR. Poems inspired by and for marriage. A guide to writing wedding vows. The collection is structured in a way that provides poetic guidelines to writing vows from both the groom’s and bride’s perspective. However, like all loves stories the are obstacles…

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Starlight by Poetic Vixen

You rare and beautiful jewel, the world doesn’t deserve you. You arrived as starlight, the promise of God but some don’t know how to admire from a distance, they try and consume you. Try to hold your essence but you are fragile to rough hands and as bright as the sun, you burn through the…

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