Falling. Floating. Lost. That is the best way to describe your beauty. Falling in love with the things you refuse to notice, like how you were born in a shade of brown that implores me to be the one who extends your lineage. Falling in love with the things you can’t comprehend, like how your…

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Your love breathes life into my veins
and my skin glows of the joy you bring,
because you love me whole,
with no
if, ands or conjunctions.

You love me unfinished and raw;
you want me unfiltered with no made up smiles.

You love me naked
and bear with my truths.

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Brown Skin Girl

Brown skin, painted on an angel’s soul. That’s how I describe you when they ask how do I see your beautiful? Roses can be red, violets can be blue but you are beyond what words can capture. You are divine, you are sublime, you are one of a kind.

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