Chapter 7 — The Trouble With Faith

Angelo visits his son’s grave for the first time in 3 years.

A visit that exposes old wounds and pushes him to speak to his Father.

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Chapter 3 — This Isn’t Awkward

At the Khuzwayo household, the two families meet. With each ready to protect their own.

Nokukhanya proves that she is no push over and stands her ground while Nomthandazo remains true to her nature and stays the peace maker she is.

Angelo and Namisa get another chance to talk, forcing them to come face to face with harsh truths.

Can they agree on how they will raise their daughter?

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Chapter 1 — Hello Again

Angelo & Namisa come face to face after 3 years to confront their past demons.

Angelo confesses how he has felt since the tragic incident and Namisa asks Angelo why he did what he did but before anyone can get any closure, Namisa has to rush off, leaving Angelo confused with more questions than answers.

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