The Untold: Love With Jade

An anthology written by Jade Novelist to celebrate the day of Love.

It consists of poems from his past collections “Love In 14 Days” & “ Dear Future Wife” and also new written works by him. Furthermore, as we all know Jade Novelist always chooses to go an extra mile with his anthologies and this one attests to that, as it gives us a glimpse of his own views on Love, heartbreak and his own lessons.

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Tears of A Gentleman II

I spent so much time hoping someone would love the broken parts of me

So I could find the strength to face them,

I wanted to lean on you so the road would be a little less lonely

So while we built us up, we could also drag my shattered soul along

Instead of love lessons you put me on a crash course on recovery

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Defining Sexy To My Daughter (2017 Version)

Maybe now she’ll see she is prettier then the doll that I bought her

No conforming to the norms of society

They are filled with endless envy

Singing never ending odes to anorexia

When they are just lost people like you and me

But they are filled with jealousy’s insomnia

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