Memorable Amnesia

Release Date: November 2017

The book focuses on mental health within the black community. The impact it has on those living with mental health challenges and a bit on how family, loved ones and friends of those surrounding them are affected.

This anthology was influenced by a variety of life stories shared with Jade Novelist and Justified Ecstasy, in these stories a pattern developed due to the fact that these illnesses went unnoticed and thus the individuals suffered in silence, this does not come as a surprise as for some people mental illnesses are equivalent to one who is seeking for attention or just plain “Crazy”.

Furthermore, the anthology contains a special section titled “Inside Voice”, which brings more to the table whilst still embracing the theme of the book and placing more emphasis on cause and effect.

It is essential to note that this anthology is also aimed at letting people know that they are not alone.

The book features contributions from Phumlile, Maira Wolfe, Sapphire, Packaged Poetry, Buhle Ngoma, Sihle Tumani & Delve.

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