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There is no better way to describe Congolese-South African author, Jade Novelist, than the voice without a face. He writes novels, short stories and poetry.

He has written multiple ebooks which have been well received by audiences. Taking on topics that range from love, mental health and even rape.

Jade prides himself with seeking new challenges and ways to improve as as an artist. This includes mentoring, reviewing and giving guidance where needed by other writers.

At heart, his greatest ambition is to change the world’s perception of African art with his work.

he/him • demisexual • demiGod of words • creative connoisseur

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Tumaini is a poetry anthology written by Jade Novelist, that serves as a partial memoir, a dedication to his late son. In this anthology, Jade eloquently uses poetry to retell the story of his relationship with the mother of his son, the loss of his son, and his journey towards healing.

The Reserve

This is the story of a woman accustomed to broken promises and left to fend for herself. The Reserve is a crime-drama written by Jade Novelist and the first novel in the book series.

Untouched Trauma

Untouched Trauma serves as a follow up to Patsy Mugabi & Jade Novelist’s Memorable Amnesia. Where Memorable Amnesia was the culmination of cluttered minds, Untouched Trauma focuses on one mind trying to organise their thoughts. New poems focused on mental health.

Tainted Seduction


BLVCK Legacy


Thenjiwe M.

Brand ManAger

Mpho M.


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