Growing up I never liked how I looked
I never met the world’s definition of attractive
I was never “handsome” unless I wore a suit
And I was never “necessary” unless I got better grades than my counter parts
So because I couldn’t wear a suit all the time I chose to succumb to the
teachers pet domain

Be smart,
be present,
just don’t expect to be noticed

Those with fairer skin took all the glory, it was automatic. For once a black
man faced a problem related to skin tone and it didn’t have to do with race. From
film to music, role models had one thing in common, they were lighter than me.

I saw them on the cover of magazines, on television screens and overnight
things changed and slowly yet in an instant they were replaced with people who
looked more like me. Our bodies and builds were different but I could see myself
in someone else and it felt good until the voices in my head reminded me that
trends come and go.

Now my “beautiful” is a statement. Instead of handsome I’m “chocolate”. I
moved from being the invisible man to being the flavor of the day and waiting
for the next trend to roll in. Dark skin is beautiful today, so maybe I should just
celebrate that we even get a turn.

— Still Learning

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Black monarch, fly away, fly away

The world we live in isn’t a safe place

Black monarch, fly away, fly away

You came too soon, come again on another day

You are world leaders without titles

Young revolutionaries considered political rivals

The world goes to hell because those in power do nothing for the people

So it’s left to little girls with big afros to address the matters and raise awareness

Left to academics who become prison regulars and recognized social saints

College residence heroes circulating ranting videos refusing to stay around sexually violent unquestioned criminals

Innocent till proven guilty but allowed to torment the victim

Bare breasted protesters carrying more than big mounds are ridiculed for standing for something

While others fall for everything, every false promise, political garbage, recycled nonsense and repeated slogans

Democracy has become a synonym for capitalism

Corruption undermines state legitimacy and service delivery

Issues relating to those in lower tax brackets are marginalized

Education is said to be the key to success yet it has become a substandard

Students march, assemblies held, agreements made, all forgotten with little effort

Monarchs who continue to fight, are made martyrs

Categorized as trouble makers, attention seekers

Freestyle flowing, pen to paper word forming and note singing individuals are labeled talentless because their words voice the thoughts of the people

The ones treated unequalled

So they go silenced behind walls of ignored but deserved cries for impeachment

Ex leader becoming varsity chancellor

If this is an endeavor to produce the next president in a controlled environment

Then I endorse it

I don’t know if this will reach the right eyes

But I know it would open more minds if someone famous wrote it

Mama said, black monarch, fly away, fly away

The world we live in isn’t a safe place

Black monarch, fly away, fly away

They’ll hate you, get away, run away


Jade Novelist ©️ 2017
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