The fourth addition to the BLVCK series, titled BLVCK Voices,

A collaboration with 14 African writers, who demand for their voices to be heard in the mist of all the silence.

So kindly lend an ear and Listen to the Voices.



#JadedWords #BLVCKvoices

Last year I released “The BLVCK Book” with Maira Wolfe, a self-published anthology filled with poems and pieces on black awareness. It was an eye opening experience not only writing the pieces but sharing stories with other people of colour.

In the spirit of Freedom Day, I present to you this years addition to the BLVCK Series. #RatedBLVCK.

Are we free to speak our truths or just learnt how to talk louder among ourselves?



I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with a lot of writers this year (Maira Wolfe, Thandie Magwaza and Justified Ecstasy).


As well as featuring a lot of other writers in my work (Tomi Adesina, Jay Kophy, Sihle Tumani, Sapphire and Hlatsi just to name a few). This year has been amazing and has helped me grow as a writer and as a person. I look forward to what next year brings and to close off 2017, I will be sharing my poems from my final release of 2017.


It is titled “Pieces of Us” and it is a collaboration with Chiemeka Korie.


The book focuses on two couples and their journey through their respective loves. It depicts the reality of some relationships by showing how fleeting emotions can be, and how the term forever is not always as it is expected to be.

The anthology encompasses the entirety of cracked interactions, exposing the true feelings of the human mind when placed in these situations.

The couple in this anthology go through a host of emotions from love to hurt, regret and finally acceptance. Insecurities come to light and certain measures are taken to patch an already crumbling relationship, but somethings are not to be saved; this brings the pair to accept peace at last.


You can download the full anthology at: