Chapter 2 — The Introduction To My Story

It’s been 13 years since the night her daughter was conceived, the night changed her view of life.

Our protagonist recalls the events that lead to her unfaithful deed; how her husband took a second wife, fathered a child with her and how they fell in love.

She draws comparisons to how her life was and how it is now, and how her
daughter is the greatest source of joy she has.

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Chapter 1 — 2006

A mother and wife in a polygamous marriage finds her-self questioning the societal norms of her community.

Her story beings with her battle against the misogyny faced by many of the woman in the town she comes from.

She shares her story not to alter minds but rather to reflect on her journey into womanhood; a journey that begins with the revelation of a big secret.

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I Want You To Hate Me

I want you to hate me I want every part of you to want nothing to do with me, for the right reasons. I want you to hate me, hate me because I did something that offends you, I want you to hate me because I hurt you, not because of anatomy, geography or my…

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