Time-Bound Pt II

We love at different paces. Not in the who fell for who first kind of way, but rather  you came knowing how long it takes you to heal when you walk away; while I don’t know if my heart can take another heartbreak  and how long it will be before it forgives me for going…

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Time-Bound Pt 1

You’re made different from me. I come from an era where love was commitment, while you believe love is happiness. With every disagreement you remind me that you can always leave,  and I remember when in love I’m never comfortable with the idea of being loved somewhere else.

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Chapter 15 — A King’s Birthday

We get an in depth look at the family dynamics in the Muujiza household.

Mapenzi explores her relationship with Mfariji, although hostile in the beginning, she eventually gave her a chance and accepted that there are things she can’t change and that acceptance was the best option for her family.

From dance lessons to lessons on etiquette, we get a bit of background on Mapenzi’s upbringing and how it has affected the daughters of the royal family.

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