If you’d let me, I’d like to own your smile. Not all of it, just the future memories that will bring you the most joy. I’d like to be involved in every grin and own the rights to making the whites of your teeth shine for the world. I want to be a part of…

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anticipated silence.

I know it’s coming; maybe today, maybe tomorrow. After the loud of guns, the silenced tears will follow. Days start in outrage and end in signs painted in blood. How many more martyrs need to exist before we no longer need marches, how many more mothers burying daughters and fathers mourning sons before we no…

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I want you. I want you in the way oceans chase land, constantly outstretched and demanding to be held. I want you in the way sinners who fear hell seek salvation, may your flesh be the bread I consume, your rain be the purifying waters that cleanse my soul and may I bury myself in…

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