Sandcastles built in a dream, surrounded by silver streams; pain can be unbearable.  Sometimes we use metaphors to explain simple things that mask complicated emotions, so to me, we are sandcastles. Sandcastles with the sun to brighten days and the moon to light up nights. Sandcastles have no legs, so I grew secure you would…

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Tumaini: The Captured Story of A Broken Men Review

Originally posted on Musings of An Inveterate Reader:
”Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. In the beginning, there was love then their love made way for more love. It brought together a few souls but they all suffered a great loss. After their loss, they had to learn to live…

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Tumaini Book Review by Vuyiswa

Published: 16 July 2020 Written by Vuyiswa (Founder of ReaWriters Lounge) Tumaini is an anthology/memoir, a collection of poems which detail a very important and specific time in Jade Novelist’s life, the book talks about God, Truth and Hope. The book is titled with a caption “The captured story of a broken man” well, this…

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