heart mate

For so long my love was a holiday destination; lovers came here to rest and find themselves. I was where they could be sinful with no judgement, a place to run to when they wished to hide from their past traumas. I’m beautiful when they first see me and warm when they get used to…

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Tonight I long to be loved like a sin, to be bound and showered with curses. So leave your halo at the door and release your inner demon; the one who finds pleasure in torture, the one who knows scratches pave the road to redemption and screams are the sound of a soul seeking heaven.…

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Tie Me Down

You make me want to put my roots down, to still be around after the hormones dissipate. I’m still scared of the unknown but I wish to explore your heart like colonisers looking for a place to lay claim, to seek you out like hands attached to a compass. You make me want to forgive,…

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