Untold Trauma

There are things people don’t talk about, like how death and life are not two sides of the same coin. A new life sometimes emphasises the trauma from a loss. I watch you sleep, not always in awe but sometimes to watch you breathe; taking note of the intervals between your breathes until my eyelids…

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Something Like This

I work hard to convince myself that the fluttering is the sound of butterflies trying to find a place to nest; that the rushing from my head to the pit of my stomach and back to my head again is more than just anxiety from future regret. I choose to hold my tongue and be…

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Chapter 3 — Cupid’s Chokehold

This is the story of a woman accustomed to broken promises and left to fend for herself. After being abandoned by her ex with nothing to her name and no place to stay, Vanessa turns to a life of crime to survive. When she breaks her vow to never get close to anyone, she starts losing balance and finds herself trapped in a world filled with love, sex and unconventional friendships. The Reserve is a crime-drama written by Jade Novelist and the first novel in the book series.

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