unsaid romance.

two lovers locked in room, wondering who will make it out first; him, her or their love? she says she wishes she could be more of what he needs and he says he knows he could do better, so individually they understand communication but together everything gets lost in translation. Quickly fights become a language…

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love letter.

you write in languages my soul can’t read, what is “joy” and can you use it in a sentence? what do you mean when you say “my “happiness” is your priority and how do you expect me to understand phrases my vocabulary has never experienced? you write in languages my soul isn’t used to, your…

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Balance is when I pay to get your hair done in the morning, only for me to grab you by the roots later that night. It’s taking you shopping for an oufit, so I can think up more reasons to strip you down. Balance is give and take, you take your seat on my lips…

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