I don’t know who first called a person home but how I wish I could give them the warmest hug. You can’t make homes out of people; homes have structure and rarely change.

Human beings flow in the direction of their experiences and so they can grow without you and learn to live even when you aren’t around to occupy their spaces.

Why would you want to make homes of human beings? Simply knocking and receiving an invitation doesn’t mean you’re truly invited in. And what do you do when you learn that the warmth is only temporary, that on some days they get cold too and there’s nothing you can do to warm them up — nothing you can do to keep warm, even though you need it.

People are not safe enough to be called homes, if your own hands can’t form walls that make you feel protected, why would you expect that of someone you met along way? You can pour your all and put everything inside but they can disappear with the things you treasured, leaving you behind searching for another place to rebuild.

I don’t know who first called a person home, but I can tell it was someone who grew up struggling to find peace where their head lay.

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