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Chapter 4 — Nights Like These

The Reserve: Unfolding

This is the story of a woman accustomed to broken promises and left to fend for herself. After being abandoned by her ex with nothing to her name and no place to stay, Vanessa turns to a life of crime to survive. When she breaks her vow to never get close to anyone, she starts losing balance and finds herself trapped in a world filled with love, sex and unconventional friendships. The Reserve is a crime-drama written by Jade Novelist and the first novel in the book series.
Chapter 4 — Nights Like These
This is the story of a woman accustomed to broken promises and left to fend for herself. After being abandoned by her ex with nothing to her name and no place to stay, Vanessa turns to a life of crime to survive. When she breaks her vow to never get close to anyone, she starts losing balance and finds herself trapped in a world filled with love, sex and unconventional friendships. The Reserve is a crime-drama written by Jade Novelist and the first novel in the book series.

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The Reserve:  Unfolding

Chapter 4 — Nights Like These

The pilot was quiet throughout the flight, leaving Vanessa to nothing but her thoughts and her struggles with Candy Crush until the jet landed. 

Chess was her preferred game but when her regular competitors weren’t online, she could sit and play Candy Crush all day.

Vanessa always felt that there was something about flying that commanded respect, especially in her line of work – it was the currency of doing business. The pilot landed and opened the door for her. She saw a white Maybach parked next to the landing pad and two Hulk-like men in black suits walked out. She could tell by their build and the guns on their waists that they were part of the clients’ security detail. 

She walked over to them, greeted, and continued on her way to the car. She could tell by the absent sound of footsteps that they weren’t following her, she looked back and smiled, amused by the awkward confusion on their faces as they looked into an empty helicopter. It was clear that the two men were expecting a man but had no choice but to accept that Vanessa was all they were getting.

They sat themselves across from her, having a conversation amongst themselves and once in a while saying something in English to make Vanessa not feel abandoned. She could tell by their tone and lack of eloquence that English was not their first language nor were they comfortable communicating in it, so she did not feel offended nor left out of the conversation. 

Their “How are you?” and “Still okay?”, every 10 minutes was more than enough.

Her phone vibrated but she did not bother to check the text – simply because she did not want them to think she was reaching for a gun. The two Hulks were in shock when they saw a woman exit the jet alone.

They spoke amongst themselves about how Vanessa didn’t seem like a prostitute. 

There was a look of desperation lacking in her eyes, she was fearless and comfortable in herself. They also analysed her body but tried to hide their lust.

Slowly, the car came to a halt as they pulled into the driveway. As she exited the car, Vanessa stated to the men that she was not a drug dealer or a dominatrix.

The bodyguards looked at her surprised and embarrassed. 

Yes, I can speak Portuguese. Secondly, as for what I can offer your boss, that is between him and I. Lastly, if I wasn’t here to see your boss then maybe I would let you two do to me all the lewd things you mentioned you were thinking of doing to me… Yes, I don’t mind being shared… It won’t be my first time.

Too flustered to respond, they let out a nervous laugh followed by silence as they continued to walk her to the front door.

The maid greeted Vanessa with a glass of champagne at the door and took her coat. The bodyguards waited for her but she could tell that they were impatient. 

She took a sip and placed her glass back on the tray and signalled them to lead the way.

They escorted her down the staircase and into the underground home cinema, instructed her to take a seat and told her that their boss would be there shortly. 

The room was painted black with red leather chairs placed in the centre and a fully stocked bar to the side. It was like a little man cave; a large flat screen against the wall and PlayStation joysticks placed on the table next to a box full of cigars.

Vanessa was a little apprehensive about meeting this potential new client. Other than a name, she couldn’t find any concrete information on him. He was sort of like a ghost, everyone knew his name but she could never track down any of his old associates. She concluded that he was either really meticulous or he was someone with erratic behaviour and killed them all. The lack of information made her feel unprepared, like she showed up to a gunfight with a butter knife.

She would have to play this meeting by ear and figure things out as the meeting progressed. From the anxiety shown by his bodyguards, she could tell that he was not the type of man whose leadership was respected but rather feared.

He walked past Vanessa and made his way to the bar. He seemed frustrated, agitated. Vanessa could not tell if this was his usual mood or he was just having a bad day. 

She wondered if she should say something or just wait until he noticed her. As he undid his tie and poured himself a drink, Vanessa kept staring at his outfit. She normally disliked a man with beards, she felt most men struggled with basic grooming.

They tried to keep up with trends and didn’t care for the upkeep, but this man and his connecting beard were beautiful. She could tell by the look of his fingers and the smoothness of his skin that he wasn’t a stranger to a manicure or face mask.

He slammed his glass on the bar while dialling on his phone. His aggression started to make Vanessa uncomfortable.

I don’t care who you are. If I don’t have my delivery in the next 10 minutes, you and your entire family are dead!”, he shouted. 

I heard you the first time.”, he continued, “You said you’re 5 hours away and I said I don’t care. That truck better be here in 10 mins or else…”  

Vanessa knew she had to say something, she thought a joke would lighten the mood. Closing a deal while the client was in a foul mood would lead to unfavourable terms.

If that’s how you treat all your suppliers, then I should probably leave.”, Vanessa said with a laugh.

Don’t you know it’s rude to eavesdrop on people’s conversations?”, he said in a calm tone.

You are the one who failed to check his surroundings.

You’re sassy.

Pardon me?”, she asked, a little annoyed.

You’re sa…

I heard you the first time.”, she interrupted. “I was hoping you’d correct yourself.

Shahid was taken back by her demeanour, he was used to women who knew their ‘place’. A woman was meant to be seen but not heard and in return, she would be given the best money can buy.

He was curious to see how far he could push her before she would lose her cool.

Vanessa on the other hand, could tell that he was used to women throwing themselves at his feet and he was the king of his domain. He showed traits she detested. She tried to stay away from hot heads and chauvinists, but she would look the other way if it lined her pockets and they didn’t go against her principles.

Shahid Imran Farra.”, he said while reaching out his hand, signalling for Vanessa to come closer. 

She stood up and went to shake his hand.  As she moved to take a seat at the bar, he interrupted her.

May I?”, he asked while pulling Vanessa closer.

She looked at him confused but gave him a nod. He made her turn around and place her hands against the bar. 

Vanessa was disappointed, she was there to barter a deal and all he cared about was her curves. She could feel his eyes on her, looking at her from the bottom up, deciding where he would start. She was disgusted. Men will always be men.

He started rubbing his hands on her back and making his way down her sides.

I was informed that they didn’t frisk you, so how about you do me and I do you?”.

Her disgust turned to shame as he continued his search. He was gentle. His hands were intentional and avoided all of her sensitive parts. He avoided her breasts as he made his way down her sides; he took a moment to feel on her waist, making sure she didn’t have a holster on her. He then went down to her legs and stopped once he reached her garter.

Is this it?”, he asked while stepping back with the gun in his hand.

Were you expecting a walking armoury? Turn around, it’s my turn.

Shahid wanted to say something but he decided to humour her. He turned to the bar and put his hands forward. She started her search, patting him and feeling for where he could possibly hide a gun. This was the first time she ever had to frisk someone, normally Malik did it for her. 

She tried to repeat the steps she saw Malik take; pat his back, pat his arms and spread his legs. She moved her hands slowly, doing her best to make it seem like she’d done this before and trying her best not to get distracted by his muscles. Shahid’s body was built like a tank, she could tell he took exercising seriously.

Are you over compensating?”, she asked as she pulled out the two guns nestled around each side of his waist just beneath his waist coat. 

She knew baiting him was risky but she thought to herself that since she was the one holding the guns, what’s the worst that could happen?

He laughed and asked her to take a seat while he poured each of them a drink. 

You are too beautiful to be in this line of business. From what I have heard, you run your business like a well-oiled machine. However, you are a woman and women turn on each other daily and generally do not have the temperament to run such a business. They tend to act now, think later and, a woman scorned will burn your entire house down. I hope you understand my hesitation to work with you.

Shahid had his concerns and Vanessa allowed him to vent. 

She knew better than to push her agenda so early in the meeting; she let him speak and did her best to listen and calm his fears.

Vanessa appreciated Shahid’s candidness, but she hated the gender bias, although she knew it was the truth but also the reason she was the best person for the job.

Those are all stereotypes and even though some may be true, that trail of thought and bias is why my business model works. We exist in a world made for men, so no one would expect a woman to be in the business of laundering money.

Vanessa responded with conviction, she would not let any man, no matter how powerful, question the validity of her livelihood or the credibility of her work simply because she was a woman.

Shahid admired her sharp tongue and unapologetic response. He liked that she did not back down, but he was in the mood to tempt fate.

They were now well into their second bottle of whiskey. Shahid emptied the last of it into Vanessa’s glass and stood up to get another bottle from the bar. 

He enjoyed the conversation and the ideas she brought to the table. She was fearless, unapologetic and calculated but he needed to be sure that she wasn’t putting on an act just to secure the deal.

Shahid looked back at Vanessa laying on the floor, she was staring at the ceiling with her focus centred on the music. He could not remember at what point they turned the music on, was it on the third, fourth or fifth glass? 

She made him feel comfortable and at ease, a sensation he wasn’t used to.

This is my song.”, Vanessa said as she stood up. “I even know all the wo…

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a familiar cold shiver run down her spine. She didn’t need to ask and the sound of him turning off the safety made it clear that it was a gun pressed against the back of her head.

She knew giving up her gun at the beginning of the meeting was a risk but being the only one without a gun in the room didn’t bother her. She was in his world after all, if he always had the intention to kill, she wouldn’t stand a chance. Between his bodyguards and being in an unknown location with no way to get home, her living or dying was all going to be his choice.

She turned and looked Shahid in the eye, undisturbed and asked him, “So what now?

You don’t seem scared.

This is not the first time I’ve had a gun pointed at me.

This might be your last. Any dying wish?” 

She placed her hands over his and motioned the gun from her forehead down to her mouth. Shahid was stunned, turned on but also sick to his stomach. He watched as she licked the tip of the pistol and gave it a kiss. He waited for her to try and disarm him but instead she moved back and started sliding the straps from her dress over her shoulders and held on to conceal her breasts. 

I’ve always said… If I could choose how I die, it would be after an orgasm.

She lay down on the floor and started to slide her hand up her dress with one hand and squeezing on her breast with the other.

You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to.”, she teased.

Is this really your dying wish? You don’t mind me watching?

Yes… But I’d prefer it if you joined.

He didn’t know if this was part of an elaborate plan to seduce him and later take the gun and use it on him, but he couldn’t help but notice that she was not to wearing any  underwear as she opened her legs… and that turned him on.

Vanessa could see the bulge in his pants start to rise and a naughty smile settled on her face.

You have two options.”, she whispered, “Choose wisely as to which gun you wish to shoot me with.

While waiting for him to decide, a lot of thoughts went through her mind. She knew he could have sex with her and still have her killed – her only concern was that if tonight were her last night on earth, she would like to leave in pleasure.

Shahid sat quietly for a few minutes watching her play with herself; touching herself here and there, just enough to make her purr gently. Her mind continued racing until eventually settling on two notions, either he was thinking of a place to hide her body or he was going to get undressed.

Come here.”, he commanded.

Nearing her first orgasm, she ignored him.

Come here!”, he repeated a little louder.

She wanted to finish but he was still the one with the gun in his hands, so she knew she had to comply with his instruction and was curious to see where it would lead to.

He waved his gun pointing to the ground, Vanessa knew that meant he wanted her on her knees. She let her dress fall to the ground, making sure he had clear view of her breasts and slowly went down on her knees, maintaining eye contact. 

Shahid laughed and put the gun to her mouth again hoping to get a reaction but Vanessa showed no fear and that set him off the edge. She closed her eyes waiting for him to make the final decision. The moment was so intense, she could feel her waters begin to flow. She was normally the one in a position of power, now she was the one naked and at the whim of another. The anticipation gave her a rush and she resisted the urge to bite her lips. 

He placed the gun on the floor and kicked it away, caressed Vanessa’s face and unzipped his pants. 

She slid her hands down his trousers and felt how well-endowed Shahid was. It had been a long time since she’d been with a man that gifted, she hoped if he wanted to kill her, he would at least do it after giving her what she wanted.

Vanessa wet her lips and slowly pulled it out, gently rubbing it up and down; deciding where she’d prefer for it to grow, in her hand or her mouth. 

She tightened her grip around it, licked her other hand and started working the tip slowly; spitting on it occasionally to ease friction. She moved her hand up and down the shaft, changing the pace between fast and slow as he moaned. She studied his face and the way he grabbed on to the arm-chairs whenever she’d move her hands to the bottom and squeeze gently to feel them roll between her fingers.

Vanessa enjoyed the sounds of a man in pleasure, it meant that he was hers to control. She wanted to do more, to push him to the edge. She moved forward and bent down to put it in her mouth but Shahid stopped her. 

No, not that… Turn around.

Giving him head was just the first stage in Vanessa’s plan, what she really wanted was to get on top – it was what her body was craving. But he was in control and he was clearly enjoying having the power, so she turned around and got on her hands and knees. 

Shahid moved closer to Vanessa and knelt behind her. He started by rubbing his hands against her ass and then rubbed his dick against her clit. She purred in pleasure, anticipating when he would put it all in.

He began to penetrate and her body tightened, she knew he was well endowed but the feeling of his manhood against her walls made blood rush all over her body and she felt he deserved more than a lazy arch. She lay her head on the floor and made sure her ass was well in the air as she stretched out her arms onto the carpet.

Good Girl.”, Shahid said proudly. 

Vanessa slowly closed her eyes as she took in every inch of Shahid. She let out a low moan which turned into a loud groan as he held her head down with one hand and smacked her ass with the other.

He was enjoying himself with each thrust, so much so that he chose to ignore how Vanessa was clawing away at his carpet trying to catch her breath. In between strokes, he made sure to ravage her body with his hands, running them up and down her back and tugging on her hair. 

In time she began to match his rhythm, going forward and rushing back to crash into him. He was uttering words but her moans drowned him out, she heard him say something about how much he was enjoying the view or that being inside her felt like heaven. Vanessa was caught in a trance and was only pulled out when she felt his thrusts quicken and the rhythm change, he was breathing harder than before. Vanessa knew he was about to orgasm. 

Look at me.”, he demanded while pulling tightly on her hair, “I want to see your face when you come.

Vanessa was impressed that he wanted her to orgasm, most men only care about themselves. Unfortunately, she was nowhere near an orgasm. She knew good sex would not seal a deal, but bad sex could ruin it and she was technically still his prisoner. She knew what she had to do, she had to fake it, it wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last. She was just relived that he did not expect her to call him ‘daddy’.

She did as requested and started going faster and harder, and even screamed; scratching deeper into the carpet and pretending she was about to climax. 

Ahh… Ahh… Almost there…”, she moaned loud enough to boost his ego but not enough to give away that she was faking it.

Like clockwork Shahid orgasmed – Vanessa was thankful that he had the decency to pull out. She knew small talk and cuddling wouldn’t be appropriate, the best she could do was give him a kiss on the cheek and finish off her drink while getting dressed. 

She wasn’t sure if he would let her leave, but she decided to take a chance. 

As she walked to the door, Shahid sat up and asked her to stay the night but Vanessa cut him off saying, “I’m a big girl, it is not my first day at the boys club, call me when you’re ready to open an account.” 

She could tell that he was just trying to be a gentleman. She bid him farewell and walked out the room to find the bodyguards waiting for her. 

It was clear they overheard her and Shahid having sex. She giggled and asked them if they enjoyed the show.

The two men denied it but she gauged by the outline of one of the guards’ pants that he was aroused. 

As they escorted Vanessa back to the helicopter, they told her that she was lucky to be alive. Their boss used his villa in Cape Verde as the place where he conducted the meetings he valued most but usually his constituents would fall short or upset him and he would have them killed. Vanessa was the second person to ever visit his villa and live.   

She wanted to believe them but assumed they were just trying to scare her and make their boss sound like the big bad wolf, but she also felt there was a deeper truth to Shahid, there had to be more to him.

Tired from the night’s excitement, Vanessa told the gentlemen she wanted to rest for a bit and excused herself from the conversation as their flight took off. She pulled out her phone and saw the text from Malik. She was relived the deal went somewhat well and that Tamia was safe. She let out a smile as tucked herself in with the onboard blanket, happy that even though nights like these can go really wrong, these are the kind of nights she lived for. 

Jade Novelist ©️ 2021

Jade Novelist ©️ 2021

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