i am reckless in your love, head-first deep diving into your love. from the moment we said hello, all I wanted was to be loved by you. in awe of your divinity I held my breath and by the time I was ready to breathe again my lungs were filled with your love and my mind filled with thoughts of a future with you.

from first words, emotions leapt and I found myself falling; falling like a jumper with no parachute. I was bungee jumping with no care for a rope and all this because you said you’d catch me. so now I spend my spare time counting clouds and giving them names, Affection, Like & Love, each growing the further I fall.

i don’t know if I’m high from the love in the air but I feel closer to heaven, close enough that I know my prayers will be heard. So I pray for you and I pray for me, you the miracle that chose to bless me with happiness and I, the one hoping to not crash too soon.

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