I wish to always remember us this way, a boy who loves a girl who treasures that man.

Since I met you, I’ve been caught in a lot of Ifs, Ands, and Maybes. If this is a dream, then this is a world I never wish to wake from and if you are temporary, can we run out of tomorrow’s the second before my last breath but if maybe that proves not enough then I will offer you a lifetime of promises; every minute will be used for reassurance, every hour a tribute towards your adoration and every day, reserved for loving, so that you know between sunset and sunset, my only thought is you.

I wish to always remember us this way, forever longing for more and unafraid to feel.

What if I told you that I love you enough to take on the world and anyone who disapproves? I’ll fight with you for us. I will carry your burdens as a badge of honour, where they see me they will feel your presence.

and when we fall out of rhythm these same hands ready for war, will hold you close, so my heartbeat can bring us back to the place where vulnerability is welcomed, back to how we vowed to love and back to us.

I wish to always remember us this way, two fools in love.

Forgiving without a second thought, patient with no inkling of time and committed to making it work no matter the obstacles we face.

And when things get hard, can we be even bigger fools, repeating the same actions expecting different outcomes; can we keep choosing each other over and over again, keeping the love consistent and the growth continuous?

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