two lovers locked in room, wondering who will make it out first; him, her or their love? she says she wishes she could be more of what he needs and he says he knows he could do better, so individually they understand communication but together everything gets lost in translation.

Quickly fights become a language of their own. She shouts her frustrations and silences her affection, he whispers he longs for the people they once were but screams out all the things she no longer does.

they confuse compromise with sacrifice, instead of patience they offer each other tactics, maybe if she speaks less he will miss her more and maybe if he holds back on the things that hurt she will find ways to love who he is right now.

she believes the love is gone, so she packs the little she has left so the memories don’t all turn cold and he builds a shrine in his heart where he reminisces on what happiness felt like and instead of saying “let’s try again”, he writes her this poem while listening to all the songs she once dedicated to him.

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