Would you introduce me to your spirit animal; unreserved and untamed? Introduce me to your more basic instincts, those that don’t care who hears and whether or not we are seen. I want you to be the cat I get my tongue caught in, and I’ll be the dog who buries his bone in you.

Would you be yourself around me; unfiltered and off your leash? Let’s be wild and break the rules. You can drink my milk straight from the source and I’ll drink water from your bowl. I want us to test your nine lives, to see how many times I can take you to heaven during an encounter before you are begging to be released.

Would you shed your skin after all the biting and scratching, let go of your armour and live inside my arms? Would you allow me to nurture to you back to health? I will kiss the bruises and lick the places where passion caused pain.

Would you help me answer nature’s call?

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