Dear Her


All That is Dark and Twisty

I feel the weight of your questions about us. Me. You. Us

I feel the weight of the answers that I could give you, no matter how insufficient they are. And believe me, I can barely answer the simplest out of all of them.

Firstly, are you strong enough? Yes. We’re still here aren’t we? Survived though the questionable nights where everything’s sort of blended together and your mind feels like mush.

Secondly, is it worth staying for? It doesn’t feel like it but it is. I think. Well that’s what I’m told. Honestly I don’t know but people always tell me to “look on the bright side”. Finding yourself in the middle of absolute darkness and searching for light. I’m almost convinced that there’s no light. That, maybe I’m not seeing the light because I’m blinded to it.

Lastly, don’t let the darkness be the last thing you see…

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