I look forward to déjà vu with you, to the longing, the reminiscing, and wanting for more. The thoughts of forever, followed by the feeling of familiarity. You feel like a part of me that has always been there, a lost memory brought back to surface.

I want us to be more than 2 people existing on the same planet at the same time. I want us to be close, like the air is to the earth, not only a requisite for life to grow but also for there to be harmony, neither encroaching on the others purpose.

Look at who you are and tell me who I need to be, to be who you will always need. Look at me, listen to me as I say you are what I’ve been waiting for. You’re the collection of flaws that give rhythm and flow to the poetry in my heart; you are the ink on the canvas of my love story and the picture frame where I envision my future.

You give me déjà vu. You give me that, “it’s okay to love” kind of feeling, that “it’s safe to open up” kind of yearning,

that “forever starts now” but with meaning.

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