Sandcastles built in a dream, surrounded by silver streams; pain can be unbearable. 

Sometimes we use metaphors to explain simple things that mask complicated emotions, so to me, we are sandcastles. Sandcastles with the sun to brighten days and the moon to light up nights. Sandcastles have no legs, so I grew secure you would never leave, they have no lips, so I knew no evil would part from you mouth and because you were built for me, I lay my foundation in you.

You housed my fears and because you were always close by, I leaned on you with all my strength and you carried the weight of my souls architectural flaws.

We are sandcastles on a beach, surrounded by life’s waters; with passersby entering in and out of our space and leaving their footprints on our shores. Some added layers turning castles into kingdoms of queens and kings while others found pleasure in kicking down our exteriors yet we are sandcastles and we remained dead set in our pursuit of happiness.

Not dead, eternally committed.

Eternally committed, like you became when life’s waters washed away your existence carrying the sands of your soul to places I can’t reach.

After all we were sandcastles, so I have no hands to touch you, I have windows that sweat but because the sun is bright, they dissipate before they touch the ground.

Pain can be unbearable, we use metaphors to explain simple things that mask complicated emotions but I just can’t think of a metaphor for “I miss you”.

Jade Novelist © 2020 #Tumaini

— Extracted from Tumaini written by Jade Novelist, available on Amazon & Google Play.

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