Tumaini: The Captured Story of A Broken Men Review

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”Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. In the beginning, there was love then their love made way for more love. It brought together a few souls but they all suffered a great loss. After their loss, they had to learn to live without hope while struggling to hold on to their faith. This is a story of his journey towards healing. Towards love. Towards learning.” – Jade Novelist

Tumaini is an indulgence for those who love poetry and those who seek to find guidance towards their own healing journeys. In this anthology, Jade Novelist tells the story of the passing of his son, his relationship with the mother of his son as well as his healing journey.

He makes use of poetry to eloquently apprise his story. With 10 chapters, namely Forever & Eternity, Anticipation, The days After Forever, Life Without Hope, Dear God, Finding…

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