Published: 16 July 2020

Written by Vuyiswa (Founder of ReaWriters Lounge)

Tumaini is an anthology/memoir, a collection of poems which detail a very important and specific time in Jade Novelist’s life, the book talks about God, Truth and Hope.

The book is titled with a caption “The captured story of a broken man” well, this might sound cheesy or catchy but upon reading the book i was left with so many questions, only questions that he has answers to, my biggest questions of all is “how did he pull through his darkest times? how did he do it? how and where did he find the strength and wisdom to carry on?” then i remembered “HOPE”

Jade Novelist shares his truth and a very special relationship he had with the mother of his late son “Jaden Kananelo Tumaini” although this book is a letter to his late son, it’s also a conversation he has with himself. Jade Novelist has written this book for everyone who has suffered or has lost someone, he hopes to bring healing, comfort and solace through his storytelling and words. All events in the book are non-fiction and are based on what he went through. He mentioned that the book will evoke a lot of emotions and triggers but the initial end result is to bring healing and comfort through his words.

My Review

I have a confession to make, i received a copy of the #tumaini anthology a week ago and since then I’ve read it 9 times, the first time i did i was highly triggered i put it away, the second time i went back i understood the meaning and the initial intention of this book and that “to heal you must be willing to hurt one more time”

First things first, I was highly triggered upon reading the book because of how i relate to his pain and having lost someone i never had a chance to say goodbye to let alone meet or hold that person or know what they look like, but i remembered what he highlighted and that

“Being a parent doesn’t mean you understand losing a child, it just means you’ve learnt that your heart is capable of a new kind of love”

Having read and talked about a lot of books in my life, i would reference this anthology as an “artistically, intelligently and eloquently written masterpiece” and i say this because I’ve actually read this book 9 times in a week’s time and everytime i went back the word play took me by storm, it’s insane how someone can be so artistic with words, thumbs up for that.

He spoke about the relationship he had with the mother of his late son, which is my favourite part of the book, the relationship was a perfect and beautiful love story until events took an unfortunate turn, i love the love-making scenes in the book, they’re quite steamy and hot, the scenes are disguised beautifully in wordplay so one must read attentively.

The tone of this book is demanding, it demands attention, it’s an attention seeking book!

I went overboard with this review but honestly there’s still a lot to say, the relationship he has with God, letters to his late sone and his way to healing, I feel like i didn’t say anything, however i can write a whole short story about my review which is a lot. I will be quoting Jade a lot that’s how breathtakingly beautiful the book is well written, there are parts of the book I didn’t mention, i don’t wish to spoil it for you but it gets a big thumbs up from me the Founder of Reawriters Lounge.

In closing I’d like to quote him, “God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may not understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his will”.

TUMAINI is available for preorder on all digital book stores.

The official release date is the 19 July 2020.

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