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All That is Dark and Twisty

Times it’s been thought about it.

Times that thoughts become actions.

Times actions have had interruptions.

Times interruptions are interpreted as “not yet but soon”

There are no interruptions now. Has soon finally come?

Sat Chit Anada- happiness comes by itself

But does it? Can we then call the numb states in between each episode a state of happiness or do we stick with limbo?

Is it generated to create and maintain a balance in the universe because we can’t always experience the good without the bad?

Is it the ongoing ebbing flow of an energy that we feel but can’t really comprehend because of our primitive understanding of human emotions and what the soul consists of?

Sat Chit Anada- happiness comes by itself

Happiness is a foreign concept until you tie it to a person, place or object. Just to make it more concrete. General. Universal in fact so…

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