Title: Tumaini – The Captured Story of A Broken Man

Author: Jade Novelist

Release Date: July 19, 2020


Tumaini is a poetry anthology written by Jade Novelist, that serves as a partial memoir, a dedication to his late son. In this anthology, Jade eloquently uses poetry to retell the story of his relationship with the mother of his son, the loss of his son, and his journey towards healing.

A trip down memory lane; retelling the history of the two lovers, where love almost conquered all. It delves into the love, sex and vulnerability felt by Jade during his relationship and mourning. 

The anthology places emphasis on healing. It’s a reminder that sometimes the first step to healing, is acknowledging that you are in pain. Sometimes the pain goes away, sometimes it doesn’t but no matter what, you will get to live. 

Tumaini is for anyone who knows of loss. The loss of self, the loss of love and the loss of a loved one. Tumaini was written for those looking for Hope


6 years ago I was in love. I finally got to be with the person I thought was the love of my life and before we knew it, we were expecting. Life went from a slow trot to a marathon. We had to figure out being together and how we would be parents at such a young age. Just as we were finding our footing our son was born but a few days later, he passed away.

Tumaini is meant to bring healing, especially for anyone who has ever lost or buried a child. Through a miscarriage, still birth or forced abortion.

The ebook version will be released on the 19th of July. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon & Smashwords.

It will also be available for purchase on the following platforms: Kobo, GooglePlay Books, Scribd, Apple Books, Xinxii and UKINKLIBRARY.

A print version of the book will be made available later during the year for distribution in South Africa and then worldwide. 

I have attached a PDF sample of the book. 

Tumaini: The Captured Story Of A Broken Man Official Page

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