Are you aware of your insignificance?

You’re only beautiful when on the cover of a magazine,

better when unheard and only seen.

How will you shine in a world where hopes rays of light are a rarity and your skin is synonyms with darkness?

Prior to first impressions you’re assumed to be class less,

you’re loud and savage,

dirty and below average

and when you make it,

it must be a consequence of affirmative action.


Instead of bathrooms, we now have mental segregation.

Wait, let ask you, who is who;

who is the one with the greater salaries?

who own top management and have the picture perfect families?

who drives the car you dream of,

Is it you,

someone in your family or the person who pays you and them monthly?

Do you know who gets away with the crimes that would lead you to the death penalty?

Would someone rush in for you after a killing spree, “he was not a juvenile terrorist, it was just mental instability”.


Young one, you’re on your own and it hurts me.

You are ignorant to the fact that even some of your own are your enemies,

they refuse to share knowledge worried you’ll get ahead of them.

So they teach you just enough to break bread with them but not to really eat,

how many make it out and forget where they come from but aren’t afraid to talk about how it wasn’t easy and wouldn’t wish it on another when the cameras are on?


They conspired to turn us against each other and make us feel less equal,

caught in a wave of new age slavery,

fooled by their smiles.

You preach consciousness to the masses

But are you really Conscious?

Do you know the media fed you lies of grandeur and fear?

They aren’t afraid of you because history showed them they can control you.

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