I think that’s what scares me most about you,

you make me feel seen;

you acknowledge my existence even when I hide myself.

You make me feel like the sun,

like you need me to be more than just ambiance,

like having me around means something more than simply finding ways to keep warm.

I’ve been the light for so many

but you are the first to make me feel like a star

and even though you’re still learning

and we are a journey,

somehow I still make sense to you.

My presence isn’t wasted on you,

with you there’s no judgment;

only a cycle of you loving and I loving more

until we reach a place where the sun never sets

and the shadows of this life serve no purpose.

I wish I could be direct and speak with less metaphors,

but how do I say you make me feel like the center of your universe when you look in my eyes,

how do I say you convince me that the moon is unnecessary because you would rather walk through life in the dark than have another by your side?

If you can tell me another to express how I feel at the frequency vibrates,

then without hesitation I shall believe you

because you made me realize what has always been missing,

that I was present and I was visible

but I wasn’t seen.

Love is beautiful

but it is only fulfilling when the one you love sees you,

all of you.

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