We have options,

you can sit in your corner and stare or we can start with the re-introductions. 

I can let you in on a few secrets and you can tell me who you’ve become. Fill me in about the days I missed and I will tell you about the days pride got the best of me and I didn’t tell you I miss you.

Let’s do something more intimate than touch to occupy the time, let’s learn something new together, learn something new about the other and remind ourselves what we love about each other. 


Time gets away from us every other day, so can we do a bit of catch-up; address the fights we walked away from without conclusion, 

admit the things we’re ashamed to say we still struggle to forgive and confess the hurtful things we said but prayed we could take back?

Can we be bare all the time and in every sense? Can we dance less around each others truths and be more intentional in the path we take, making sure there is love in every step we take. Reestablish romance, I’ll give your equivalent of flowers instead of emojis and you’ll learn how to communicate in a language I can understand.


I still want the fragile parts of me to be safe with the places you guard and feel are unlovable. Tell me how you’ve grown since our first kiss and how who you are now wants to be loved. 

I still want to be your choice going forward, to be where your heart feels whole even during uncertain times. Your umbrella on days where it rains, your moon on nights when the dark overwhelms and the garden where your emotions encompassed as butterflies can fly free, unstifled, unfiltered and accepted. 

I want us to work.

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