I don’t know what to wear when I’m around you,
everything feels either too tight,
too small
or you just hate it.

They say when loved right,
the weight gain is unprecedented
but I never thought that everything in my wardrobe would have no purpose.

You love me naked,
bare in my truths.

I’ve gained so much I can no longer fit into my insecurities,
you’ve pushed me to outgrow the things I like.
You tell me I’m beautiful whenever our eyes meet,
when I cross your mind
and the in betweens.

You’re good for my ego,
so on most days my head no longer fits into the different hats of shame and embarrassment I used to wear daily.

You love me bare,
naked with my truths.

Your love feeds my soul and I no longer fixate on my stretched out marks,
the ones made of scars from my past
because I am wrapped in the arms of the one who sees no flaws
and heals instead of adds salt to the wounds.

Your love me breathes life into my veins
and my skin glows of the joy you bring,
because you love me whole,
with no
if, ands or conjunctions.
You love me unfinished and raw;
you want me unfiltered with no made up smiles,

You love me naked
and bear with my truths.


Written by Jade Novelist

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